TheDankish – beats, bass and banter

TheDankish – beats, bass and banter

TheDankish – beats, bass and banter, what originally started as a blog by young media geeks to give exposure to the cool and upcoming that didn’t get enough attention in mainstream channels, find its voice through broadcasting the dankest radio show in The Cape today.

When the concept landed 10 years ago and featured local soon-to-be shaping the scene gigs like Cold Turkey, Bush Radio offered a linked show opportunity to be on air every Saturday night from 6 till 8 PM. As the Mother of Community Radio, Bush radio appears a well-fitted home base for the TheDankish brand, being its host now since 8 years.

“Are you bored of all the same old mediocre bollocks you find on the rest of the internet (and now radio)? Well so are we! We aim to inform, challenge, engage and inspire all out there to be thinkers, encouraging your opinions and participation in our quest to find the dankist things out there!”

TheDankish, built by Ruthy Pearl, Arsenic, Evann Wessels, SIRCULA, Mike Fullstop and Wessley Wessels, is a show with a firm grasp on the local entertainment industry and the ears on the street to continuously hunt for hidden treasures to be featured. The music orientation in hip-hop and bass has given stage to some of South Africa’s most recognized artists today. Dope Saint Jude, a female controversial hip-hop artist from the Cape Flats who is part of the curated list of distinctive creatives in VogueWorld 100 today, visited TheDankish show in November 2015. The original live freestyle rap session happening at the show that day is worth a listen if you can’t recall or simply missed it!

A pioneer in the electronic music landscape, Alan Abrahams known as Portable AKA Bodycode visited the studio this month. Alan, famous for his DJ live performance and video artist skills, is most defined by his past and years of journey from South Africa to Paris via Berlin and Lisbon. At the show he shared tracks of his forthcoming EP ‘A life without notifications’, which is due to be released in May. Not only focuses TheDankish on musical gems the show also provides stage for outstanding brands and ideas in the same scope. Shakirah Sky from THAT Network, an agency that aims to uplift and empower young professionals by making it easy for brands and companies to find creative services, did talk through her latest business developments at the show in March this year.

TheDankish stays true to its authentic core concept in the no-glam Salt River studio were besides hosting the show, peers meet up to start the evening and bounce off ideas. The future plan for TheDankish is to continue to feature the cooler than the freshest and to do this on a much larger scale by finding a voice through a diversity of media channels. This plan should come together with collaborative partnership of brands and businesses that have a like-minded taste for developing the underexposed creative scene. Reach out to TheDankish for suggestions, questions or collaborative ideas on their social network and make sure to follow the show by listening to Bush Radio 89.5FM or via Bush’s website every Saturday from 6 till 9 PM!