Nonapologetic fire for life and creation

Nonapologetic fire for life and creation

Cynthia Fleischmann is a young artist to be reckoned with who marks her way through life by masterpiece bodypainting while by unlucky event had to give up on a vital part of her own.

Cynthia grew up in Zurich were her dad ran a gallery for Vintage American Photography. Raised among visual expression, she was sure to develop her own creativity from early age. After her parents divorced, the female pack of the family moved to the United States. First Boston and later Miami where she earned a bachelor of art and painting. Without delay she was offered a scholarship at the University of Miami to take on a 3-year master course in photography, a skill she deployed to document her bodypainting work resulting in her own art form bodypaintography.

She completed the master of Fine Arts in 2014 and life couldn’t look brighter but only so for a year, as in 2015 she find herself fighting for life in a near-deadly motorcycle accident. Cynthia had been a fervent motorcyclist for 9 years and as an experienced rider had encountered road tricks more then once before. Yet this day the circumstance she had no control of, a car pulled an illegal move and crashed Cynthia who in turn struck her biker friend riding along side her.

The two young women, divided on the highway by big distance called out for each other to find both had been extremely lucky to be alive. It was Cynthia whose life was in serious jeopardy. Her hip and leg were crushed, yet despite the impact she was conscious and aware, focusing not on the pain, but the relief of still being alive. Two off-duty champions, a biker nurse and firefighter saved her from bleeding to death with a tourniquet before being rushed to the trauma unit of the nearest hospital, where her right leg was amputated above the knee.

But this is no story of remorse, the young artist recovered in top-speed with the support from family and friends being highly empowering. Healthy food, positive energy and good therapy got her active and out of the hospital on one leg in 3 weeks. Soon after release she won a competition to paint the United Buddy Bears, an exhibition traveling the world promoting peace, understanding and tolerance among nations, cultures and religions. This supported her recovery greatly and half a year later she opened the Cynthia Fleischmann Gallery in Coconut Grove. Besides featuring her art form bodypaintography, here she also organizes mind, body & soul events. In December 2016, her leg wounds were healed and she was fitted for her first prosthetic leg. Cynthia is embracing life more then ever before and willing to go where opportunities take her. Not only is she continuing to be a master of her art in bodypaintography, she ambitiously is working on large-scale side projects that will hopefully one day transform and improve parts of cities and lives around the world.

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